Meet Noah and the gang

Nutcase Nuts is about putting delicious but healthy foods into our bodies. Tired of feeding his family unhealthy snacks, especially nuts with added oil, Noah set out on a mission to roast a better nut. By 2019 he had cracked it and, along with his kids, started delivering cases of organic slow-roasted nothing-added nuts - ‘Nutcases’ - to neighbours' doors fresh out of the oven. The crunch caught on and soon Noah and his squirrels were roasting and posting fresh, delicious, healthy nuts all around the country. 

“We slow-roast the nuts until all the tasty natural oils come to the surface so you get an amazingly crunchy and hugely nutty nut, not like most store-bought nuts which are cooked in oil and rolled in salt.”

What’s the story?

When founder Noah became a father for the third time, he didn’t want to feed his kids unhealthy snacks with all sorts of numbers and letters in them. 

He noticed that most roasted nuts bought in the major supermarkets had added oil and other things added to them. And that, because of the oil, they oxidised and went stale quickly, smelling a bit fishy.

So, Noah and his three children went about  testing different ways of roasting their own organic nuts. Testing turned to refining, and after quite a few burnt nuts, they found the perfect dark roasting technique.

Family, friends and neighbours loved the nuts so much that Noah’s kids started delivering ‘nut cases’ to  doorsteps all around the neighbourhood. Nutcase Nuts was born.  

Noah has always cared about what he puts into his and his kids’ bodies, and is now creating healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy knowing they’re being kind to their own body. 
Noah and his kids are busy squirrelling away trying to find the next delicious recipe ready for launch.

What about the nuts?

Right now, we roast cashews, peanuts and almonds. For millennia, our ancestors were sustained by natural sun-roasted nuts, providing all the nutrients, calories and minerals they needed. They were a superfood before that was a thing.  Nuts are small-but-mighty purveyors of protein, fountains of healthy fats, fibre-filled wonder nuggets, and tiny treasure troves of vitamins and minerals.

Nuts are like a multi-skilled nutritional Swiss army knife: they come loaded with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, and antioxidants, they're your heart's secret weapon against diseases and your blood sugar's trusty sidekick. These nutty brainiacs can even perk up your grey cells and keep your bones robust.

As for Nutcase, we slow-roast our nuts and deliver them freshly roasted to your door, so you retain that crunch and aroma straight out the bag. 

What about the planet?

We know that everyone is trying to reduce waste wherever they can, so we made it easy for subscribers to do away with our branded pouches and just get their nuts delivered in compostable bags. To boot, you get an exclusive jar to store your Nutcase in too. Fancy. 

What’s next?

We launched with our mixed nuts and are just getting started. We want to bring the slow-roasted, healthy taste to new and wonderful places, so watch this space for the next Nutcase drop.