Nutcase Nuts FAQ

What are Nutcase Nuts?

Nutcase Nuts are slow-roasted nuts delivered fresh to your door. Roasted using a proprietary family method, Nutcase exists to help people like you lead healthy and nutritious lives.

Who is the founder of Nutcase nuts

Our chief nutter is Noah - he’s obsessed with the perfect nut. Particularly cashews. He’s been slow-roasting nuts for years, motivated by not wanting his kids to eat unhealthy snacks, particularly nuts (which are a family fave).

Noah haphazardly discovered during covid that other people wanted healthy snacks at home, particularly nuts with no added oil or artificial coatings. Before long his kids were dropping off ‘nut cases’ on their neighbours doorsteps, and Nutcase Nuts was officially born. Noah’s still at the helm today but his kids are off the hook for roasting!

What makes Nutcase different?

Nutcase Nuts are the only freshly roasted organic nuts delivered straight to your door. Our special family recipe means our nuts retain their incredible crunch without adding any oil like most other nuts out there. Our nuts are naturally salted, meaning we let them soak in salt water for a few hours before their slow-roast session begins. Delicious.

What is the shelf life of Nutcase Nuts?

Nutcase Nuts are delivered freshly roasted. This means they’re best enjoyed within a month of arrival. They’ll be safe for longer but won't retain their full nutty taste and texture.

How does Nutcase Nuts ensure its products are sustainable?

We know that nuts aren’t grown on our doorstep, so we do import them, and we realise that transporting food is a strain on our climate. To minimalize the impact of Nutcase Nuts, we make sure to do the following:

  • Never use plastic in our packaging
  • Use organic nuts, always
  • Source our nuts sustainably from safe supply chains
  • Offset the carbon caused by importing our nuts

We don’t just look out for the environment. We’re careful about who grows our nuts and only work with partners that pay farmers fairly.

Who will enjoy Nutcase Nuts?

Anyone who values great taste, texture, and wants a healthy snack to hand. Of course, Nutcase Nuts are nuts so anyone with any sort of nut allergy should not be consuming our nuts.

Where can I buy Nutcase Nuts

At the moment, you can only order direct from the Nutshop at, but we’re always looking for ways to reach more nut fans so watch this space to find out where else you can get your fix from

Where are Nutcase Nuts grown?

Cashews from Vietnam, Almonds from California, and Peanuts from India.

How should I store Nutcase Nuts?

Nutcase Nuts should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, we recommend consuming within one week to keep their freshly roasted crunch and incredible taste.

Are Nutcase Nuts suitable for children?

Yes, Nutcase Nuts are a great healthy snack option for children. However, as with any product containing small pieces, we advise adult supervision when consumed by young children. Any children with nut allergies should not be exposed to Nutcase Nuts.